RGS renews partnership with Consuelo Foundation for Catanduanes


On January 14, 2019 the province renewed its partnership with Consuelo Foundation to support the establishment and strengthening of Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Networks (CAPIN) in four municipalities of Catanduanes province.

Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation is a United States registered private foundation that supports and operates programs in the Philippines and Hawaii that prevent and treat abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children. Consuelo Foundation came to know the opening of Virac as new apostolic area of the province upon the invitation of Bishop Manolo de los Santos, DD to assist in the diocesan women ministry. A series of consultations and visits from 2016 to 2017 prompted the province to accept Consuelo Foundation’s desire to establish CAPIN networks in the province with Sr. Minela Alvarez, RGS as the first sister-in-charge.

In 2018, the province conducted a series of a preparatory activities to lay the groundwork for obtaining the buy in of local mayors and their respective officials to start realizing safe communities where children are protected and safeguarded through institutional mechanisms. The four municipalities in the province of Catanduanes that are covered by the project are Baras, Bato, Gigmoto, and Virac.

To sustain the success of the first year, Consuelo Foundation is renewing the 12-month project this January 2019 following an approved six month transition period from the province’ governance to Consuelo Foundation as direct implementer. This transition will allow the province to smoothly turnover coordination work and renew its commitment to working with women in the basic ecclesial communities as complementary structures of CAPIN in the barangay and municipal levels. The province however, will continue providing crisis intervention, guidance and counselling, and referral.

The province has a contemplative community in Catanduanes since 2005 upon the invitation of Bishop de los Santos. In 2017, Legazpi Community and Good Shepherd Home Legazpi extended its apostolic presence and programs.

Contributed by SMEIDFI. Responsible for the article is Elias Jayson R. Tolentino (eliasjayson.tolentino@gmail.com).