GSH holds Ecological Consciousness to Gender Advocates


To give birth to the unfolding new creation story, GSH-Legazpi conducted "Saro Ako Sa Gabos" (I Am One With All Things), an ecological consciousness session for ten (10) gender advocates last May 28-29, 2018, held at Trinitas Home for Contemplation in Bonga, Bacacay, Albay province. The session was facilitated by Novelita B. Barallas, Armarie B. Barrameda, Sr. Ma. Minela P. Alvarez, RGS, Catherine N. Dayto, and Mari Jo G. Li.

For many years, “I am one with all things” has been an unfolding conclusion that perplexed humanity; a paradigm that results to question the creation story. We accept that we are so-called “co-creations”, but, what is happening until now? It has always been taken for granted.

Developed and authored by Sr. Maria Alicia S. Andres, RGS, the Training Module on Ecological Consciousness revolved on rich activities that get to work on the important gist for ecological consciousness – the ecological contemplation which facilitates the participants’ identification of oneself as connected with other creatures, the recognition of their relevance as well as their giftedness as one with all of the creations; the ecological compassion, in realizing the beauty of all the creations. The session paved the way for the participants to experience the unfolding wonders of the earth and the universe. Finally, the session led the gender advocates to create a personal commitment for ecological conversion and acceptance of the reality that “I am one with all things”.

Contributed by Armarie Barrameda of Good Shepherd Home Legazpi