Community-Based Programs

We commit ourselves to work zealously with women and children, especially those who are trafficked, forced to migrate, or oppressed by abject poverty.

Our task is clear and that is to be in solidarity with people living in poverty. That is why our rights-based approach to development takes us to implement diverse and unique ways of empowering them and in asserting their rights. Our programs bring the person in the center, believing firmly in the person's inherent dignity and worth.

And our prophetic role in the Church invites us to rethink and reshape our society towards a more just and more sustainable future. We make our collective voices heard in the issues that confront women and children today.

In the streets at night, in parishes, classrooms, conferences, and power houses where decisions are made, we bring the message of mercy and compassion to all creation.


Mary Euphrasia specifically outlined the focus of the mission of the Congregation: “Take care of these children. We must admit that we owe our vocation to these girls, because without them our Congregation would not exist. ”

Upholding the rights of women and girls is essential to our work. We believe that empowering women means addressing their specific needs and addressing the structures that limit their participation towards achieving total human development.

Therefore we are deeply committed to their human and spiritual healing and to their integral development. This specific orientation to girls and women whose condition in life cries out for the healing is the principle that guides our programs and projects.

Since the well-being of the person is intimately linked to that of family, we strive to serve them in the context of the family and the society in which they live. We also respond to other apostolic needs which are in accord with our mission.