St. Mary Euphrasia Integrated Development Foundation Incorporated (SMEIDFI) is the development arm of the Religious of the Good Shepherd of the Philippine Province. We work towards the protection and development of women and children; justice, peace, and integrity of creation.

For us and our mission partners, shepherding takes different forms. Everyday in many parts of the country, we run shelters – homes – for women and girls who have been victims of abuse. Some of us do preventive and advocacy work day and at night. We train women and their families in manufacturing and farming, giving them opportunities for alternative livelihood. We work with government agencies and networks to combat human trafficking and abuse.

We teach the next generations to be men and women for others through our schools, formal and non-formal. In circumstances of disasters, we mobilize our sisters, staff, and volunteers to bring aid to where it is needed, often arriving first and leaving last. We establish our presence in red light districts, in the slums, in the mountains with the indigenous peoples, in places where the presence of the Good Shepherd is most needed. From free legal service desks of a big city to organizing women's self-help groups in remote municipalities, RGS and mission partners risk their lives to bear witness to the Gospel of love and compassion because "one person is of more value than a world."

Currently, SMEIDFI has 23 agencies, including 14 centers, indigenous people’s ministry, urban poor pastoral work, migrants centers, and formation centers, spreading the message of love and compassion of Jesus the Good Shepherd.


A society transformed in Jesus Christ where there is fullness of life for all beings.


Sharing in the church’s mission of reconciliation, we commit ourselves to facilitate the empowerment of children and youth, girls and women Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), families and communities to be life-bearers towards integral transformation.

Strategic Goals

To promote unity of vision and mission of the various ministries of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd towards empowerment of persons/groups/families/communities we serve

To ensure that our ministries are effective and prophetic, our thrust of Women, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation be integrated and actualized in all the programs and services.

To assist the different social services and center of the sisters of the Good Shepherd towards professionalization

To establish a financial system that will ensure the sustainability of different ministries of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and to raise funds, receive grants both local and foreign, bequests, endowment, legacies and donations whether it be in cash, in kind, property or otherwise.

To promote and encourage human resource development, development work and studies, research in the social sciences to respond more effectively in meeting specific human needs

To enhance the capabilities of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and efficiency of the agencies for the delivery of appropriate services towards empowerment.

To facilitate the personal and professional growth of all the staff in mission through s systematic training program.


Our schools continue to strive to be centers of quality Catholic education that offer programs and services that are person and community oriented, anchored on Christian faith and values.

Saint Bridget College (SBC)


SBC is founded in 1913 in Batangas City, Batangas. It is one of the major schools located in Batangas City and throughout the province of Batangas. It is also the oldest Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Lipa and the first school created by the Religious of the Good Shepherd in the Philippines.

SBC offers primary, secondary (junior and senior high school), and tertiary educations. It specializes in Social Work and Education courses.

Saint Bridget College - Alitagtag (SBCA)


In 2006, SBC created its second campus in Alitagtag, Batangas. It was established to answer the students’ felt need to relate in an atmosphere of friendship, participate discovery, and sharing of one’s capabilities, abilities and talents. The school took up the challenge of integrating technology in the academic instructions familiarizing students from elementary to Senior High level with experiential learning and student centered activities which continuously embarked on quality education.

Saint Bridget School of Quezon City (SBS QC)


SBS QC offers primary and secondary education (junior and senior high school) for girls. For more than 50 years, SBS QC forms women for others who are academically competitive and formed in the core values of Competence, Compassion & Confidence.

Innovative Ministries

The Good Shepherd Innovative Ministries (GSIM) refers to the involvement of Good Shepherd Sisters in programs and organizations outside our congregation's established ministries. By doing so, GSIM allows us to transform society and the Church through external channels. It also enables us to be in a greater solidarity with people in the margins, practice and share our unique expertise in the service of a greater community, and promote the compassion and mission of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

From strengthening local cooperatives to defending the rights of peasants and fisher folks, to the formation local clergy, GSIM enriches the tradition of the congregation of solidarity with the lost, the least, and the last.

1. Rural Missionaries of the Philippines Sr. Ellen Belardo, RGS (National Coordinator)

2. Alay Kapwa Rural Women's Cooperative Sr. Zenaida Pineda, RGS (General Manager)

3. SME Day Care Center Sr. Florence Bautista, RGS (Foundress and Director)

4. Saint Mary's Theologate Sr. Fe Mendoza, RGS (Professor of Theology)

5. St. John Vianney Theological Seminary Sr. Fe Mendoza, RGS (Professor of Theology)

6. San Carlos College Seminary Sr. Fe Mendoza, RGS (Professor of Theology)

7. Peer Counseling Foundation PH Sr. Mary Rebecca Rogacion, RGS (Director)

8. Local Government of Davao City Sr. Josephine Bacaltos, RGS (Executive Director)

(Photo from Rural Missionaries of the Philippines)

Special Projects

The sensivity to God’s voice brings about particular fruits within our charism. This sensitivity to His invitation lets us to respond and take specific actions which has brought us to new ventures in the ministry. When we received an invitation from the Task Force on Urban Conscientization (TFUC) to see the situation in the dumpsites of Happyland in Tondo, we went at once to help in the feeding program. Although typhoon Haiyan happened four years ago, the communities in Guiuan, Eastern Samar still have no access clean water so we went and set up a facility which can convert water from the sea into potable water.

Saint Mary Euphrasia beautifully said it: “Be like a fisherman who keeps casting his net, always hoping to catch fish. Then leave God to do the rest; He knows better than we do what is for our good.” We went and continuously go to these places for now for “we are instruments in His hands, which He deigns to use for the accomplishment of His designs.”

(From the Ministry Annual Report 2016)