Community-Based Programs

Mountain Maid Training Center


MMTC is social enterprise in Baguio City that aims to empower young people to break the cycle of poverty through education. With Cordilleras as one of the most economically challenged areas of the country and believing in the transformative power of education to break the cycle of poverty, MMTC chiefly supports youth from the six indigenous tribes of the Cordilleras: Abra, Benguet, Kalinga, Apayao, Mt. Province, and Ifugao. The income received from their work in this large food processing center enables many young women and men to complete a technical or college education. Moreover, mothers are employed on a seasonal basis to augment their income.

PROGRAMS: Education assistance, Crisis Intervention, Counselling, Community development

ADDRESS: 15 Gibraltar Road, 2600 Baguio City

CONTACT: (074) 442 3865

Center for Overseas Workers


A better start for a better future

COW QC was established in 1982 to cater to the needs of overseas workers and their families. It serves as a resource center for migrants and their families by providing services such as pre-departure orientation seminar, temporary shelter for distressed migrant women, and referrals for technical and legal assistance.

PROGRAMS: Crisis intervention, capacity building

ADDRESS: 1043 Good Shepherd Convent, Aurora Blvd, Quezon City

CONTACT: (02) 913 6439

Headstart Learning Center


A better start for a better future

In 2006, Sr. Mary James Wilson together with some ladies belonging from the Lay Affiliates developed a 5-year development program for Bagong Silangan under the aegis of St. Paul University’s Community Extension Program. So near it is to Payatas, once Metro Manila’s dumpsite, that a once barren, empty lot has come alive when RGS and Lay Affiliates decided to transform it into a place of hope. It is here that a free day-care center was constructed, catering to some 100-120 enrollees annually.

PROGRAMS: Early childhood education, Community development

ADDRESS: c/of 1043 Good Shepherd Convent, Aurora Blvd, Quezon City

CONTACT: (02) 913 6441

St. Bridget Community Center


Empowering local communities

Established in 1972, SBCC started as the community outreach department of Saint Bridget College. It is primarily focused community outreach and advocacy work.

In 2003, SBCC started their outreach program for prostituted women together with local government of Batangas City. Women are given comprehensive services and provided with opportunities to improve and change their lives through skills training and educational support.

PROGRAMS: Community development, Outreach to women and girls in prostitution

ADDRESS: St. Bridget College, 4200 Batangas City

CONTACT: (043) 723 3616

Bahay Pastulan


Promoting person-centered business ethics

Bahay Pastulan started in 1996 by Sr. Mary Joseph Olaguer, RGS after seeing many ambulant vendors outside the convent premises who were selling rice cakes and other food to people who come to the convent for retreats. With an PHP 80,000 loan and coconut being abundant in the area, they ventured for their first product: buko pie. Not until all nuns in the convent were satisfied with its taste and quality, buko pie became its best seller. Later on, Sr. Joseph invited more beneficiaries in the production and over the years Bahay Pastulan offered a variety high quality products. It has a training center where beneficiaries, mostly poor women, are trained and eventually hired giving them opportunity to provide decent life to their children. Eventually, theyare capacitated to develop their own product, manage their own production, and supply products to the store.

PROGRAMS: Community development

ADDRESS: Sta. Rosa Highway, Tagaytay City

CONTACT: 0917 249 7432

Maryridge Tulong Paaral


Empowering through education

In the 80’s, RGS assigned in Tagaytay City started with “Tulong Paaral” (Educational Scholarships) where they send poor children to school from elementary, high school and/or college. These children come from the areas surrounding the area. Children and their families are provided with formation sessions and academic support activities among other.

PROGRAMS: Educational assistance, Community development

ADDRESS: Maryridge Healing and Renewal House, Tagaytay City

CONTACT: (046) 483 1346

Good Shepherd Home Legazpi


Championing women’s rights

Good Shepherd Home Legazpi started operating in the 1990 working with women and girls in poor communities in Albay, Bicol Region, Philippines. It has provided direct services for the protection and healing of survivors of violence; legal services and psychosocial and therapeutic interventions for the restoration of their dignity and social functioning through the residential care program. Its core program focuses on community-based integrated services for the eradication of gender-based violence.

PROGRAMS: Crisis intervention, Community development, Educational assistance, Advocacy

ADDRESS: Gov. Forbes Street, San Roque, 4500 Legazpi City

CONTACT: (052) 742 9896

Center for Overseas Workers Davao


Envisioning a society where those who are forced to seek jobs in other countries can exercise their rights

COW Davao is committed to the empowerment of overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from poor communities of Davao and surrounding areas, through community based organizing, training and socio-economic programs. OFWs and their immediate families are enabled to develop their capacities in decision-making and taking individual and collective action for their families and communities’ well-being, especially in safeguarding of Christian family values, sound financial and enterprise management and protection of workers’ rights.

PROGRAMS: Crisis intervention, Community development, Advocacy

ADDRESS: 215 Camachile Street, 8000 Matina, Davao City

CONTACT: (082) 297 7883

Indigenous People’s Ministry


For sustainable development and fullness of life

Started in 1978 as response of RGS to the request of the Diocese of Butuan to provide pastoral care to indigenous peoples (lumads) and their environment. Programs evolved and now continues to provide graded literacy program to two lumad schools, scholarships for lumads for highschool upto college, advocacy, and sustainable agriculture.

PROGRAMS: Educational assistance, Crisis intervention, Community development, Advocacy

ADDRESS: Doña Flavia, San Luis, 8511 Agusan del Sur

CONTACT: 0917 757 6356