Welcome House Paco


A house that welcomes everyone

Welcome House Paco, established in April 1970, is recognized as the first crisis intervention center in the country. As it was before, it continues to be staffed by sisters and lay mission partners who are professional guidance counselors and social workers to provide impartial and competent help for people in crisis or emotionally troubled or distress . Clients are accommodated for a short term duration until they were discharged or referred to another agency. Currently, Welcome House also continues the programs Tahanan Community, a community based ministry to support the parish and basic ecclesial communities of San Andres, Manila.

PROGRAMS: Crisis Intervention, Protection,Prevention, Community Outreach

ADDRESS: 1641 Zamora Street 1007 Paco, Manila

CONTACT: (02) 563 6363 / (02) 564 0728

Heart of Mary Villa


Maternity home as alternative to abortion

In 1953, “Charter House” was opened as an immediate response to the plight of young girls who suddenly found themselves pregnant out of wedlock and alone. Initially located in a house across the Quezon City convent such young women and their babies were welcomed and provided shelter. After four years, a more permanent house was constructed in Malabon through the generosity of Archbishop Rufino Santos, archbishop of Manila. Heart of Mary Villa became canonically established in May 1957. Perennial flooding was the main problem in Malabon but not until 2009 when Typhoon Ondoy struck National Capital Region and nearby provinces, Heart of Mary Villa was moved to Quezon City convent.

PROGRAMS: Residential care for pregnant women, Child care

ADDRESS: 1043 Good Shepherd Convent, Aurora Blvd, Quezon City

CONTACT: (02) 913 0875 / (02) 913 1432 (fax)

Euphrasian Residence


Short term shelter in a home-life atmosphere for girls, women and children undergoing personal or family crisis

Euphrasian Community saw its bloom in 1960s when after many transfers and shifts in ministry has permanently resided in 1043 Aurora Boulevard. In 1968, Reception Center was built with the intention to systematize the process of admission of new clients and to serve as crisis intervention center. Throughout the years, creative programs were created such as YES GROW for adolescents with teenage problems, YES GLOW as outreach to public high schools, the experiment period to accommodate the single mothers from Heart of Mary Villa (then in Malabon), public highschool campus ministry, and a residence for the homeless in Marikina. However, since 2002 Euphrasian Community has especially focused on crisis intervention.

PROGRAMS: Crisis intervention for girls, mother and their children, migrants, counselling

ADDRESS: 1043 Good Shepherd Convent, Aurora Blvd, Quezon City

CONTACT: (02) 913 6433 / (02) 913 6437

Ruhama Center for Women


Where healing is possible

Ruhama Center for Women is the latest addition to the NCR Women Ministry. Established in 2012, it is envisioned to revive the program for exploited women started by Sr. Soledad Perpinan, RGS known as Third World Movement Against Exploitation of Women (TW-MAE-W) in September of 1980 during the meeting of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences and Christian Conference of Asia. However, TW-MAE-W was needed to be closed after Sr. Sol’s death in 2011 for legal and management purposes. However this did not stop the Province to continue serving those who were victims of prostitution and human trafficking.

PROGRAMS: Residential care for abused, prostituted, and trafficked women and girls; Outreach to women and girls active in prostitution

ADDRESS: 1043 Good Shepherd Convent, Aurora Blvd, Quezon City

CONTACT: (02) 293 4303

Ruhama Transition Home


Until the fullness of life is achieved

After a few years of undergoing treatment program at the shelters, the girls and women who are deemed fit and prepared to go back to mainstream society are discharged and reintegrated to the family or the community. However, a significant number of girls and women return to their former way of life (relapse). Ruhama Transition Home is setup as an aftercare program to intervene in the gap between the recovery of women in difficult circumstances and their successful reintegration to society.

PROGRAMS: Residential care; education, skills and job readiness training, Outreach to women and girls active in prostitution

ADDRESS: Industrial Valley Subdivision, Marikina City

Bukid Kabataan


On their way to healing

Originally, Bukid Kabataan was just a com­ponent of the Morning Glory Program (MGP) of Caritas Manila, the social welfare and development ministry of the Archdiocese of Manila. Then headed by Sr. Mary Lydia Kalaw, RGS, the MGP was created as a response to the growing number of children lured to prostitution. The increasing number of young street dwellers and the urgent need to put up a shelter for them in a long-term program paved the way for the foundation of Bukid Kabataan. Started in 1991, Bukid Kabataan (Youth Farm) caters to girls who are survivors of multiple abuses, neglected, abandoned, and former street dwellers. Its programs and services are directed towards healing of the girls’ emotional and psychological hurts and pains while addressing their holistic development, enabling them to become productive members of their family and society.

PROGRAMS: Residential care for girls who were survivors of multiple abuses, neglected, abandoned, and former street dwellers

ADDRESS: Barrio del Fuego, Barangay San Francisco, General Trias, Cavite

CONTACT: (046) 509 3009

Hablondawani Integrated Services for Girls and Women and Girls


An offering of hope

HABLONDAWANI Integrated Services for Girls and Women in Crisis is a home for girls and women at high risk and vulnerable to exploitation because of their conditions in life such as marginalized, made by poor systems, and domestic violence. HABLONDAWANI is a Bicol word which means Rainbow , this name was inspired from the biblical story of Noah and the deluge and God’s covenant with the arc of the rainbow that LIFE takes precedence above any other thing.

PROGRAMS: Residential care for girls who were survivors of abuses

ADDRESS: C/of Our Lady of Peñafrancia Parish, 4400 Naga City

Welcome House Cebu


Upholding the rights of the girls and women who are victims of human trafficking and prostitution

In February 2007, RGS established the Welcome House in Cebu to provide developmental and pastoral services to women in prostitution in Cebu City. This drop-in shelter is a welcoming, caring and therapeutic environment for women and children in need of food, rest, and a place for reflection to recognize and consider the possibility of alternative life choices. It aims to contribute to the fight against human trafficking and prostitution in the city supporting women working in prostitution who want to quit their jobs as sex workers and to raise public awareness of the problem of human trafficking.

PROGRAMS: Crisis Intervention, Outreach to women and girls active in prostitution

ADDRESS: 363 Sanciangko St, Cebu City, Cebu

CONTACT: (032) 254 5598

Indigenous People’s Ministry

Good Shepherd Home – Recovery Center

Restoring dignity of life

With support from the JPIC-SVD and Karl Kübel Stiftung, RGS tok over the operation of Balay Isidora (through Sr. Henedina Mananzan, RGS) from Oviedo Sisters. It is established in 2003 to provide rehabilitation and healing to women who were for victims of human trafficking and prostitution.

PROGRAMS: Residential care for girls who were survivors of human trafficking and prostitution

ADDRESS: Liloan, Cebu City

CONTACT: (032) 424 6431

Good Shepherd HEART – Aftercare Program


Towards freedom and independence

Good Shepherd HEART (Holistic Empowering Aftercare Towards Reintegration and Transformation) was established in November 10, 2015, following the observation that beneficiaries going out from the RC had a hard time facing the reality outside. They are usually overwhelmed with the abrupt freedom, temptations and hardships which most likely lead to their relapse. Thus, GS HEART prepares the girls for reintegration or independent living through gradual exposure and supervision through a new home. With the support from JPIC-SVD, GS HEART is presently housed in a building owned by JPIC-SVD.

PROGRAMS: Residential care; education, skills and job readiness training, Outreach to women and girls active in prostitution

ADDRESS: Cebu City

CONTACT: (032) 253 4194

Kadasig Community Center


Giving girls a nurturing environment

Kadasig Community Center offers preventive program that caters to women and girls come from diverse background, mostly from poor urban and rural families (i.e. street and slum dwellers, drug dependent family members). Beneficiaries are provided with basic needs such as food and accommodation, medical, and psycho-social-spiritual activities. Stressing the critical role of education in the healing and recovery process, beneficiaries are provided with educational assistance in partner schools and institutions. The residential program is tailor-fit to the situation and needs of each resident and designed to support them in medium to long term healing process.

PROGRAMS: Residential care, education

ADDRESS: Laray, Cebu City

CONTACT: (032) 273 1473

Belen Drop-in Center (Belen sa CDO)


Meeting women where they are

Belen sa CDO is a drop-in center that caters to the women and girls who are in prostitution and commercial exploitation. In partnership with the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro and Tingog sa Kasanag (TISAKA), an organization of women who left prostitution work and conduct outreach and advocacy, Belen sa CDO provides temporary shelter, counselling, advocacy, and networking.

PROGRAMS: Crisis intervention, Outreach to women and girls active in prostitution

ADDRESS: Clemente Fernandez Extension, Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City

CONTACT: 0905 891 4375

Good Shepherd Crisis Center


A safe place to heal in the port city

As a port city and a vibrant educational center, Cagayan de Oro was fast becoming a magnet for many young girls and women lured or forced into prostitution. To respond to this problem of sexual and economic exploitation of women, rooted in poverty, the Sisters started a ministry to women. This was concretized with the establishment of the Good Shepherd Counseling Center, located then at the basement of the St. Augustine Multipurpose Formation Building. Today, Good Shepherd Crisis Center serves as a temporary shelter for survivors of violence and abuse.

PROGRAMS: Crisis intervention

ADDRESS: 200 Blas Chavez Velez Street, APOVEL, Bulua, 9000 Cagayan de Oro City

CONTACT: (088) 858 4418

Good Shepherd Home for Hope
(Balay Paglaum sa Maayong Magbalantay)


A place where healing and reconciliation with self can happen

With support from Homes 4 Hope, Balay was established as a response to the need for shelter home for women and girls in Pagadian, through the invitation of Bishop Cabajar, CSsR, DD. It is a refuge for women and girls in difficult situation while undergoing healing and empowering programs to help them move on with life.

PROGRAMS: Residential care, education, advocacy

ADDRESS: Purok 2, Brgy. Manga, Pagadian City

CONTACT: 0905 856 8661