Women, Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (WJPIC)

Our Good Shepherd Mission is about reconciling individuals, peoples , families and communities. Our mission of reconciliation believes in human dignity and the inherent goodness of all beings. We are also aware of our own sinfulness and weakness and our constant need for God’s mercy. Thus, we also commit to work for systemic change by challenging and transforming structures that abuses power and exploits others. We struggle and become aware of our sinfulness. We surrender to God’s Mercy and become reconciled through healing and wholeness. We become one. (Sr. Maureen Catabian, RGS)

We understand and recognize the interconnection of issues and concerns of women, justice, peace, and integrity of creation (WJPIC). We continue to work in ways that respond to the call of the times through effective and prophetic expressions of our thrusts in such a way that we permeate all aspects of life and mission of the sisters and lay mission partners.

Our WJPIC thrust is both our heritage and our spirituality. It is our concrete and life-giving expression of living out the Catholic social thought. WJPIC is what shapes and nurtures our ministries and actions. Like a compass that guides every pilgrim and sailor, WJPIC enables us to focus our perspective thus enabling us to live out the values of Jesus the Good Shepherd in the realities of our world today.